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Tools for the modern day Shamanic & Magick Practitioner

Enter the Shaman


  • Sage & Herbs

    Sage, salt and herbs supplies used to cleanse and purify. 

  • Feathers & Smudge Fans

    Feathers are typically used in Smudging Rituals to direct the smoke where its needed.

  • Shamanic Jewelry

    The Enter the Shaman collection of lovingly created Shamanic Jewelry for the serious practitioner.

  • Talking Sticks

    The talking stick was used in Native North American tribes at council meetings.  It was used for courtesy and respect to not allow the interruption of a chief when he or she was speaking.  The talking stick was then passed to the next council member who wished to speak.  The stick was a ceremonial item and was often decorated with eagle feathers and crystals to show its significance.  In more modern times, it serves more or less the same purpose often used in families, or gatherings of any size to encourage common courtesy and to cultivate respect for those speaking.  Unless you have the talking stick, you cannot speak out and therefore must listen to what is being said.  A great tool to have even today.  

     We do no harm to the trees that are used for our talking sticks; only already dead wood is harvested.

  • Prayer Horns

    Prayer horns are created by combining elements of the Animal and Mineral Kingdoms together, mixing the vibrational qualities of both items to produce a unique new vibration for use during rituals and meditation work.  Each Prayer Horn is hand crafted with love and purpose here at Beadazzle.  Being caring stewards of the Earth, we feel our work continues to bless the animals that gave of themselves, allowing them to live on in the ritual tools we create.  The bones, antlers, teeth, claws, feathers, and fur are all purchased legally from reputable US based companies.  Many of the antlers we use in our products are found by hikers in the wilderness.  

    Since we create all of the work you see below here, we are happy to create custom made items to your specifications. Please allow up to 3 - 4 weeks for delivery of custom orders.   All Prayer Horns (PH items) come with a paper detailing Allan's perceptions of how the vibrations of the Horn feels to him.  Of course, we all feel things differently, and what you feel will be right for you.

    For our over seas customers
    Please note that there are many rules which govern the import and export of items created with animal parts.  It may not be possible to ship the item you are interested in into your country.  Check your local laws before proceeding with a purchase.

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