We sell one type of Japanese style incense manufactured by the Shoyeido Incense Co. in Kyoto, Japan.  

The artful blending of carefully selected natural ingredients makes Shoyeido incense unique and exclusive.  The finest quality ingredients are procured by their master blenders and skillfully crafted to perfection. The blending process requires an enormous amount of skill.  When blending with natural ingredients, the quality, balance and ratio of each element is critical.  The slightest variation in amount or quality of any component can dramatically influence the fragrance.  Shoyeido has been refining these techniques for three hundred years ensuring that nothing goes to waste in this intricate production process.

The ingredients are finely ground and carefully mixed with a powdered natural binding material, "tabuko".  Up to fifty varieties of herbs and spices are precisely blended with pure water, quickly shaped and dried very slowly.

Made with such care and containing the finest natural ingredients, Shoyeido incense matures and improves with time.  The scent becomes deeper and more mellow, reflecting the subtlety and refinement for which Shoyeido is known. 

Shoyeido incense is 100% incense.  It is made without a bamboo stick ensuring you get the finest quality, completely pure incense scent with a low volume of smoke.


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