Premade Vibrational Jewelry

Vibrational jewelry is our specialty and our passion.  Our Premade Vibrational Jewelry comes from several sources in sealed crystal vials, or made by Beadazzle and placed in sacred leather pouches.  We also make custom jewelry items with gemstones matched to your energetic needs.  To arrange a custom item see the Intuitive Readings.


  • Vibrational Vial Jewelry

    Our premade Vibrational Vials are hand filled and sealed glass vials.  Each is carefully wrapped in Sterling Silver wire with a large bail to create a beautiful necklace.  Beautiful jewelry to wear that also serves a purpose: it's what we love to do!

  • Vibrational Bracelets

    Our pre-made Vibrational Bracelets have special combinations of stones designed for Protection, Stress Relief, Physical Healing, Emotional Healing, Magick, Fairy Magick, Love, Spirit Guide, Psychic Connection, and Serenity. We also make custom bracelets to go with our Vibrational Readings.

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