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  • Basic Wire Wraps

    Our basic line of simple sterling silver wire wrapped gemstone jewelery.

  • Designer Wire Wraps

    With a Designer Wire Wrapped gemstone, we ask each stone how they would like to be wrapped!  Each one is completely unique.  The ones shown below are one of a kinds ready to be purchased.  Don't wait long to avoid loosing the one you love. 

  • Designer Wire Wrap New...

    Ever evolving in her wire wrapping craft, here is where Lora posts her newest designs for purchase.  We hand pick all of our Gemstones and ask each one what material it would like to be wrapped in, and how it would like to be wrapped!  Each one is completely unique and one of a kind! All pendants are made with a minimum of a 5mm bail (some as large as 10mm) that will accept many chain styles or leather cords.

    Shown on the right is a AAA grade Moldavite wrapped in 14K GF.

  • Tumbled Stones

    Tumbled Stones.  Any of the items shown can be wire wrapped to create a designer wire wrapped stone. Use the pull down menu before adding the item to your shopping cart to pick the type of wire to be used for your designer wire wrap.

  • Cabochon Pendants

    These pendants are made with Sterling Silver and have a large hole bale suitable for most size chains. 

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