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Vibrational jewelry is our specialty and our passion.  Lora has been on the TV show Sacred Journey speaking about this special form of jewelry that we can create just for you.

What exactly is Vibrational Jewelry?

To understand what vibrational jewelry is and what it does, it is best to start simply with an example of vibration and attunement that every one has experienced at one time or another:  

Have you ever walked into a room where there is someone who is having a really bad day, is mad, or is experiencing another strong emotion of some kind?  You immediately notice that whatever your mood was prior to entering the room, you begin to feel the same way as the person in the room is feeling.  If you get up and leave the room, most people find that they quickly return to their normal vibrational state.  This is a great example of vibrational attunement.  Your personal vibrational state was overcome by the stronger vibration of the emotional person in the room and as a result, your vibration changed into (i.e. attuned to) that of the person in the room.  This action is called resonance.  When your vibration attunes (change to match) to the same vibration as another object you are in resonance with that object.  When you are in resonance with an other vibration, a form of information transfer happens, mostly at the unconscious level.  When you get a bad or good "vibe" from something it is due to this information transfer.  Now you have the most basic understanding of what vibration, attunement, and resonance are we can continue.  

All things vibrate; trees, rocks, people, planets, stars, galaxies, EVERYTHING!  It is the interactions between these vibrations that we are most interested in here at Beadazzle; one vibration effects other vibrations and so on.   It has been discovered, over the centuries that humans have walked on the Earth, that certain stones and crystals can have a very strong effect on your health, your happiness, and your prosperity.  Mixing stones and crystals together in the correct ways can magnify this effect.  With this in mind, we have created jewelry that you can wear to take advantage of the properties of these vibrations.

So now that you are armed with the information you have garnered from reading the last two paragraphs, we can finally ask the questions; What is a Vibrational Reading?  What is a Vibrational Vial Pendant?  What is the difference between a Vibrational Vial Pendant and a Personal Vibration Pendant?    

Pre Made Vibrational Vial Pendants:

We have pre-made glass vial vibrational jewelry available, as well as wire wrapped individual stones.  Click here to see and purchase our current pre-made offerings of Vibrational Jewelry.  If you need assistance in picking out one of our many pre-made Vial, or Designer Wire Wrap Pendants we will happily "Intuit" what is most appropriate and for your greatest good at no additional cost.  We may suggest a Personal Vibration Pendant be created if we sense that none of our pre-made vials are appropriate.  

For an additional fee, we would be happy to contact our guides on your behalf, as well as your higher self, and your personal guides, to create a piece of jewelry that exactly matches your needs.  We have done so for many people.  Click on testimonials (coming soon) to see the reactions of people who have had Vibrational Readings.

All Personal Vibration Pendants, begin with a Pendant Reading. 

Vibrational Readings 

Lora has been doing Intuitive Readings for over 43 years and has been on tv talking about her unique gift, and has been described as a Vibrational Intuitive. 

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While doing many types of Readings the Vibration Reading and Pendant package has become Lora's favorite as the Pendant serves as a support system for the Reading.  After emailing Lora to schedule your Reading she then goes over her pricing.  Vibration Readings are $40.00 and are usually 2-4 pages typed.  The Pendants are priced separately and start at $25.00 and are usually in the $25.00  to $55.00 range.  Though it is not usual, a Pendant's price can sometimes be higher depending on the stone's used.  Prices of Pendants are always emailed to a customer and approved before a Pendant is created.

After deciding to purchase a Vibration Reading and Pendant, Lora uses your name (and no other information) and your specific vibration to connect to the Spirit Guides/Light Beings that surround you, in order to come up with a Vibration Reading and Pendant that is of your highest and greatest good, and to support your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

The Reading and the price of your one-of-a-kind Pendant is emailed to you before the Pendant is created, giving you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

After your Pendant is created, Lora hand energizes every Pendant separately tying the Pendant to the heartbeat of the earth, the divine energies of the universe, as well as the owner's specific energy.  The Pendant then becomes yours and only yours and serves as a support system to go along with the typed Reading that is mailed to you with your Pendant.

Sample Vibrational Reading One

Sample Vibrational Reading Two

Sample Vibrational Reading Three

Personal Vibration Pendant Examples


              Example One                             Example Two                     Example Three

If you are interested in a Vibrational Pendant Reading you may click on the blue links above to take you to our web store, or contact us to start the process by giving us a call at 860-690-2969.  You may also e-mail us.  Fill out the email with your name and a phone number with a good time to call. (It helps if you include your city, state and country, or at least your time zone in the world so we don't end up calling you at midnight when you requested a call at 2:00PM where we are!)


  • Premade Vibrational...

    Vibrational jewelry is our specialty and our passion.  Our Premade Vibrational Jewelry comes from several sources in sealed crystal vials, or made by Beadazzle and placed in sacred leather pouches.  We also make custom jewelry items with gemstones matched to your energetic needs.  To arrange a custom item see the Intuitive Readings.

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