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Welcome to the Vibrational Jewelry 
& Intuitive Readings pages! 

Before Lora's dark night of the soul event when she stopped doing all readings, this was our informational webpage for exploring the different reading offerings that Lora did at the time.  After much personal growth during that dark time, Lora will again be offering readings soon.  This page is the place holder for a newer set off reading offerings and will be re-worked shortly. The information below is more historical and will be updated shortly.

Vibrational jewelry is our specialty and our passion.  Lora has been on the TV show Sacred Journey speaking about this special form of jewelry that we can create just for you.

What exactly is Vibrational Jewelry?

To understand what vibrational jewelry is and what it does, it is best to start simply with an example of vibration and attunement that every one has experienced at one time or another:  

Have you ever walked into a room where there is someone who is having a really bad day, is mad, or is experiencing another strong emotion of some kind?  You immediately notice that whatever your mood was prior to entering the room, you begin to feel the same way as the person in the room is feeling.  If you get up and leave the room, most people find that they quickly return to their normal vibrational state.  This is a great example of vibrational attunement.  Your personal vibrational state was overcome by the stronger vibration of the emotional person in the room and as a result, your vibration changed into (i.e. attuned to) that of the person in the room.  This action is called resonance.  When your vibration attunes (change to match) to the same vibration as another object you are in resonance with that object.  When you are in resonance with an other vibration, a form of information transfer happens, mostly at the unconscious level.  When you get a bad or good "vibe" from something it is due to this information transfer.  Now you have the most basic understanding of what vibration, attunement, and resonance are we can continue.  

All things vibrate; trees, rocks, people, planets, stars, galaxies, EVERYTHING!  It is the interactions between these vibrations that we are most interested in here at Beadazzle; one vibration effects other vibrations and so on.   It has been discovered, over the centuries that humans have walked on the Earth, that certain stones and crystals can have a very strong effect on your health, your happiness, and your prosperity.  Mixing stones and crystals together in the correct ways can magnify this effect.  With this in mind, we have created jewelry that you can wear to take advantage of the properties of these vibrations.

So now that you are armed with the information you have garnered from reading the last two paragraphs, we can finally ask the questions; What is a Vibrational Reading?  What is a Vibrational Vial Pendant?  What is the difference between a Vibrational Vial Pendant and a Personal Vibration Pendant?    

Pre Made Vibrational Vial Pendants:

We have two major styles of pre-made glass vial vibrational jewelry available to you, as well as wire wrapped individual stones.  Click here to see and purchase our current pre-made offerings of Vibrational Vial Jewelry.  If you need assistance in picking out one of our many pre-made Vibrational Vial Pendants we will happily "Intuit" what is most appropriate and for your greatest good at no additional cost.  We may suggest a Personal Vibration Pendant be created if we sense that none of our pre-made vials are appropriate.  Also check out our wire wrapped individual gemstone jewelry on our 
web store.

For an additional fee, we would be happy to contact our guides on your behalf, as well as your higher self, and your personal guides, to create a piece of jewelry that exactly matches your needs.  We have done so for many people.  Click on testimonials to see some examples of our custom order work. This leads us to Pendant Readings.

All Personal Vibration Pendants, begin with a Pendant Reading. 

Vibrational Readings

Vibrational Readings are $25.00

Pendant Readings 

Pendant Readings are $45.00 and consist of 1 or 2 pages of typed material.  
Total time spent by Lora is 1.5 - 2 hours.

Sample reading below

Lora begins this process with a reading of your bodies unique vibrations specifically looking for imbalances that may be causing physical and emotional problems; which can then be guided back into balance with the assistance of a Personal Vibrational Pendant.  Lora does these readings by going into a meditative state and attuning herself to your vibrational frequency.  She then listens to which stones, and stone-essences are needed to guide your body back into its normal harmonic vibratory state.  This is an example of a Vibrational Pendant Reading, or simply a Pendant Reading. 

Pendant Readings are meant to go along with the Personal Vibration Pendant. 

Each Pendant Reading will include:

  • The meaning of each stone in the pendant
  • The Emotional and Physical Integration of the pendant
  • The Millennium Use or the "evolution of the pendant" - Every stone, every human, every being in life has a service to provide.  Regardless of what our unique gifts are, they serve the whole of life and what makes up life and fulfillment on this planet.
  • The Electrical Body Alignment or "oneness" of the pendant.  When you are connected to something, body, mind, and heart, you open yourself to full intimacy.  Then you align your electrical bodies that part that is the unlimited essence of you.
  • The Affirmation of Support.  Listen to the affirmation of support,  They are created specifically for you.  When you need support, use these affirmations.

You can purchase the Pendant Reading with or without the Vibration Pendant, but the reading is meant to accompany the Pendant.

Personal Vibration Pendants

Once we know what to put into your Personal Vibration Pendant we can determine how much it is going to cost to make.  Most often the cost around $50.  Please note that it sometimes can take a month or more to pull together a Personal Vial Pendant if the items in it are especially rare.  Most will take 3 weeks or so to create and mail out to you.

Usually cost $50.00*
More than 5 stones add $13.00

*The already created pendants on our website are a set price but our intuitive created pendants will vary in price if rare or expensive gemstones, minerals or metals are called for. 

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings are $80.00 

An Intuitive Reading is a very deep personal interaction between Lora and you.  It is Lora's honor and privilege to be able to work with you and offer you this service. It is important to note that very personal things will come to light during this type of reading, often times things that you need to address that you may have been avoiding; it is best to be prepared for it.

Sample reading below.

All intuitive readings include but are not limited to:

  • 1.5 to 2 hours of discussion time with Lora
  • Stone and / or Earth Wisdom
  • Medicine Cards and / or Tarot card spread/s
  • Information about and guidance from any personal Totems Animals, or Spirit Guides that may be working with you.
  • Any information that surrounds you.
  • All Readings will consist of 2 phone calls.
  • Information gathered during the reading and phone conversations typed into a printed copy of the reading which is then mailed, and / or emailed to you.

An Intuitive Reading often includes a remote reading of your aura and involves going into a deeper meditative state for a long period of time, sometimes lasting for several hours at a time over a few days. Much of this deeper information, (which is frequently a startlingly accurate "jolt" of very meaningful and personal guidance) is filled with things that your guides and higher self believe you really need to "hear".

To start the process, all Lora requires is the name of the person the Reading is for.  With just a name you will be surprised what information will come through.  We request that if you order a reading off the website, that in the comments area you include the name of the person whom the reading is for and a good time to contact you or them for the initial phone call.

The first phone call is usually very short as Lora does not like to have much contact before she gathers beginning information for a Reading.  She may share certain information at this time that has already come through, or choose not to.  She then goes into a deep meditation to gather information. The second phone call is to go over all information that Lora receives AFTER the initial phone call, to go over any new information that she receives while talking with you, and to give you a chance to ask any questions you may have regarding the information received or to ask new questions.  Second phone calls are often 1-2 hours long!  We understand that people call long distance so we now have IP Telephone service which allows us to call people in the US and Canada for free! We can also give information via e-mail but it may take over a couple of days for total reading.

 If you are interested in a Pendant Reading or an Intuitive Reading, you may click on the blue links above to take you to our web store, or contact us to start the process by giving us a call at 860-690-2969.  You may also e-mail us.  Fill out the email with your name and a phone number with a good time to call. (It helps if you include your city, state and country, or at least your time zone in the world so we don't end up calling you at midnight when you requested a call at 2:00PM where we are!)

Sample Readings

(both Pendant and Intuitive) follows

This is an example of a Pendant Reading:


"I blossom in the creativity of your wildest imaginings. Then, when you speak, it all comes true. Join me in jumping into life . . . physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I send you all my strength and support. Use it well to build beauty and harmony in your life."

AZURITE:  Helps find inner strengths and amplify our gifts truthfully and with love.

FIRE AGATE:  Instructs us to care for all parts of self in every thought and deed and stands for the way to revitalize our life every day.

MARCASITE:  Supports us by nurturing the joint efforts and structures that respect all life. It embodies the ability to respond efficiently to all situations and teaches us respectful responsibility.

MOLDAVITE:  Embraces change at the core of our existence.

RUBELLITE:  Shows us how to demonstrate our love. Connects our heart and our life force.

RUTILATED QUARTZ:  Connects us with other energy fields. Guides instant communication between all lifeforms.

PHYSICAL INTEGRATION:  Balances the voice and tones the throat. Expands stamina and reserves of strength. Makes available surges of new energy from unexpected sources. Warms, soothes, relaxes the body.

EMOTIONAL:  Strengthens the instinct to live and to express truthfully. Helps find our inner strengths and amplify our gifts truthfully and with love. Appreciates responsibility. Expands on leadership abilities. Embraces change as a lifestyle. Accepts the discomfort as an opportunity for transformation.

Humans have many facets: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual etc. Each piece needs nurturance for the whole to survive and flourish. We must release self destructive behaviors. From there, we can establish our priorities and a collective rebuilding. Sometimes we have to go outside of ourselves in order to learn and, finally to understand. This pendant helps teach us to listen to our feelings, to accept them and then to act upon them swiftly, even instinctually. The more we follow our hearts, the more we empower ourselves to create our own joy.

This pendant was created for you, XXXXX and is energized with love, light, emotional healing, emotional strength and with a certain magick and will allow you to hopefully listen to your inner self and stay true to yourself. I love you with all that I am.

Blessed Be,


Lora Miller
Vibrational Intuitive
Beadazzle Jewelry

Here is an example of an Intuitive Reading:



Azurite clears stress, worry and sadness. It is a stone that releases long standing blocks in communication hinting at a blocked throat chakra. It is also brought up joint or arthritis like pain.

Golden Topaz is the keeper of clear compassionate communication. It also hinted to arthritis like pain and it directs energy to where it is needed most. It is a stone that is associated with the solar plexus.

MacEarl Crystals unite Mind/Body/Heart. It helps find ways to tap (or discover) our own power. It alters perceptions to find new ways to think and feel, and connects us to undiscovered answers.

Moonstone opens us to what we need most. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and is most powerful at calming emotions. It also is associated with the solar plexus.

Rainbow Obsidian brings up joint or arthritis like pain.

Red Jasper supports the muscles. It is a stone of health and detoxification.

Ulexite promotes visual health (not necessarily physical). It brought up some fluid retention or unbalance. It is a stone that takes you to the core of a problem or issue.

Your Stone Wisdom reading showed some physical issues such as arthritis or joint pain. I got a strong sense of fluid retention or unbalance. A blocked throat chakra showed some communication issues. There is also a great internal "power" that you are not tapping into. Stone Wisdom suggest getting to re-know yourself and tapping into the healing gifts that you have. These gifts will help you physically, emotionally, and support you getting to the core of a serious issue or problem by helping you look at it from a different perspective. The healer in you so desperately wants to resurface again. I keep getting the image of you walking a path and coming up to a great canyon that you cannot go over. I interpret this as a gap in your path work. You were once on the path of a healer (that magick which runs true and deep within you) and as people around you made you feel guilty for being who and what you were, you just stopped. Kind of dead in the road - stopped. If you look deep within yourself you will find that what is making you feel guilty is not for you to own. You need to honor yourself (and the Divine) by doing what is appropriate and for your highest and greatest good. Nobody should tell you who you are and what you should be doing. Listen to your own heart and then decide. When you connect back with your inner power and get to re-know the healer within -- all things will come together for you, the gap will close. Be True To Yourself!

Stone Wisdom is information to you from the stone/earth community. This information pertains to you and to your reading alone, and is as individual as your reading is. This information does not mean that you need to be working with any one of these specific stones. This is information for your reading only. If you wish to receive more information about any of these stones, or wish to purchase any of these stones at any time, please feel free to contact Beadazzle.


The Opossum teaches us how to use appearances. Sometimes it is necessary to "play dead". Sometimes it is necessary to put up a particular front to succeed most easily and effectively. This is what the medicine of Opossum can teach. It also can show you when others are putting up false fronts and deceptions (i.e. if someone is trying to undermine work that you do by spreading rumors or trying to undermine you in other ways). Opossum has an archetypal energy that helps us to use appearances to our greatest benefit and that helps us to recognize when others are creating false impressions. Sometimes it is necessary to behave or act in a strategic manner. We may need to appear fearful or fearless in spite of how we truly feel. The Opossum is famous for "playing dead" to confuse or distract a predator while it then is able to make it's escape. If Opossum has shown up as a totem, ask yourself if you need to strengthen your appearance? Are others around you putting up false appearances in front of you? Do you need to divert attention away from some activity , or is someone trying to divert your attention? Maybe it's time to go into your bag of tricks and pull out some new strategy. Learning to pretend and act in ways and with realism is the magic that Opossum teaches.

With the Opossum the number 13 came up. This number is very symbolic. There are 12 signs of the zodiac and the number 13 is the symbol of the sun within or around which the zodiac revolves. Once again asking you to look within to connect with your inner power which has been put aside.


#22 Sun Spiral - Going Into Your Center. For you this card represents moving inward to our core and connecting with the Divine within as well as your personal power. Are you coming to point of completion in your life? A certain path or project or an issue that you have been dealing with. Do you need to acknowledge this so that you may move forward. You need to look within yourself and draw upon the light and life force (or personal power) within (that has been untapped) to guide you toward balance and enlightenment.

#14 Ram - Reaching the Heights - New Beginnings. Do not limit your reach for the heights out of fear of falling. When life feels precarious, pay attention to how and where you place your energy. Trust that wherever you are, you are where you are supposed to be right now. Use your strength and stamina to get you through a trying time. Your highest potential is within reach. May you be strong and confident, and may the peace you seek will be found.

#1 Hawk Medicine - Connection to Spirit - Paying Attention. Red Tailed Hawk flies with grace reconnecting us with Spirit Beings and filling us with a growing sense of power. Hawk speaks to us of vision. How are you viewing your life? Are you able to rise above and look down on your life in perspective? You are being asked to rise above the details in your life and to reconnect with your Higher Self (your true power). Keep your eyes open -- for a message is coming to you!

#21 Eagle Medicine - Power - Connect with Spirit. Eagle symbolizes our connection with the creator or Higher Power. Eagle's feathers are said to be truth and are used for blessing, awakening, cleansing, and healing. They bring power. If Eagle has come to you it may be time to open up to your inner power and grasp tightly your spiritual beliefs. Spiral ever upward on your path to enlightenment, and remember to take time to let your heart soar!

XXXXXXXX - What can I say about the Medicine Reading that has not already been said under Stone Wisdom or in the Medicine Card reading itself. A time of awakening is coming to you. A time of connecting to your Higher Self, of cleansing, healing, and reclaiming your self. Bright Blessings to You.


As I did the Tarot the following are the key items that made themselves known. I do not read card-by-card, but the cards as a whole reading. Since we already went over the reading, this information is a reminder.

There is an older male around you who is emotionally supportive at this time when you need it most (father). I did sense a conflict with parents and perception of religion. I also sensed a strain on marriage. The Sun before you will be warm, open and inviting - as you connect with the Divine and yourself, what awaits is warm, open and inviting.

I was very surprised when information about your son came through. Usually readings are for one person only. Again, we discussed this so the following is a reminder.

Your son is very gifted. If you connect back with the healer and start doing healing work on your son, your son will become the teacher and will be teaching you. I saw him having a lot of nightmares. He has a past-life that is really pressing on him. We discussed the best ways to help him.

XXXXXXXX - It truly was a pleasure getting to know you through your reading. We discussed many ways for you to re-connect. I don't feel that you have to go looking for fancy and expensive crystals an oils right now. Connect with your son in a Healing aspect. He is the "crystal" to you and you will be the "crystal" to him. Connect to your Shadow Self and release the guilt that you carry (it does not belong to you). You will not cause harm unless you intentionally want to, so release the guilt you carry regarding your mother. Connect back to your gifts. This is a natural part of you as a healer. And remember that you and your son are part of a whole. Working with him will teach you both. I will continue to be a friend to you if ever you need someone to talk you. Bright Blessings to you and your son.

Blessed Be,

Lora Miller
Vibrational Intuitive
Beadazzle Jewelry

Here is an example of a pendant reading from an earlier time.  You will see here that what began as a normal pendant reading became much more.  This example is from years ago and is a hybrid reading while the way was still being shown and things where progressing rapidly to what they have become today.  

It is shown more for informational purposes than any thing else.  Enjoy.



"All moments come together now. Every choice is life and death.
We choose . . . more!"

BLACK TOURMALINE: Is choosing to be present over and over again.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: Is accepting that we are our perfection now.

TOPAZ: Is the wisdom of the ages flowing through us.

SAPPHIRE: Is life's questions and answers breathing in us.

Physical Integration: Strengthens and regenerates bones. Clears the skin. Accelerates the elimination process.

Emotional Integration: Finds renewal after lengthy challenges. Supports core, respectful beliefs. Honors and expresses truth immediately and fully.

This is it! Many prophecies have declared this time as a moment of planetary initiation. We are living it. We are being initiated into an evolution of being that has not been recorded before now.

"Earth Light Initiation" welcomes the challenge; it welcomes all our free choices within it.  We may create this timeless time as a great adventure of complete fulfillment.

All these stones together remind us that we are entering un-imaginability. Since we can't know what to expect, we free ourselves just to be more of the perfection that we inherently are.

Electrical Body Alignment: Links us to death and rebirth and the source of freedom.

Affirmation of Support: "I choose to use every challenge as fuel for my freedom and peace."

Tools for Manifestation:
There are many ways to meet an initiation, here are some possibilities:

1. Stop using negative language. Comment on the usefulness of every person and happening.
2. When you feel fearful, write down what you fear. Be eloquent. Burn the paper and delight in your fears flying away with the smoke.
3. Always give thanks for everything. At the end of each day, list all the things for which you give thanks.
4. Support someone else in their difficulties.
5. Laugh often,
6. Laugh some more.

Dear XXXXXX: Thank you for opening your heart and self to me and giving me the privilege of getting to know you through your reading and through the making of your pendant.

* The following is the Stone Wisdom that came through for you:

Aqua Aura: You will be freeing yourself from limitation and creating space for something new. Black Kyanite: You will need to be grounded. Crystal Quartz: Hands down the most powerful stone. It is a powerful energy amplifier. Just look at the things man has created from harnessing this stone's energies. For you this is a time of powerful healing and raising some incredible energy. Epidote: Will be supporting all the higher energies that you will be working with. Gaia: Connects you to the Heart of the Earth. It's reminding you to always work through the heart. Also in times of stress or distress look to the feminine energies i.e. The Mother Earth, The Goddess, or even your own Mother. Golden Labradorite: Is supporting your assertiveness and self-confidence on the path you have started. It reminds you to let your Light shine. Magnetite: Reminds you to balance your intellect with your emotions to bring inner stability. It also warned of inflammation around muscle problems and sinus or asthma issues (cramps?). Rainbow Moonstone: Reminds you to laugh and find joy in all that you do to bring in harmony and inner peace. Turquoise: Again, warning about inflammatory issues around muscles or joints, sinus issues and cramps.

Light Beings (those who are your guides, teachers, power or spirit animals) as well as the Angels of Light came through with the following information and images: There is a lot of untapped potential within you. As you continue on this path you are/will be connecting to greater energy sources with the potential to manifest your intentions. Not only are you living life but you are getting ready to connect more fully to the energies around you and to belong to it. Give yourself a pat on the back -- you are where you are supposed to be. Some images and impressions were you coming from a fork in the road on a path heading toward a bright energy source. You will be disconnecting or "saying goodbye" to those behind you as you move forward. Do not worry -- your new path will have new connections to people who will support and help you and there will be those that will continue the journey with you. I also saw a great tornado of activity and things going on around you. Your pendant will support you on your path and in taking control of the energy you will be able to tame the tornado.

You mentioned doing Reiki -- Now is an excellent time to do this. You wanted to know who is around you guiding and supporting you from the spirit world -- the information that came through was . . . "A" mother.

spider totem came up when we spoke. The spider is the Weaver of Fate. The spider is grandmother and is a link to the past and present. The spider awakens creativity. It weaves a web of intricate and subtle fabric, and reminds us that the past always influences the present and future. The spider at the center of the web reminds us that we are at the center of our own world and the world is woven around us. We are the keepers and writers of our own destiny, weaving it like a web by our thoughts, feelings and actions. Spider is a symbol of creative power. Spider asks, "Are you moving toward a central goal or are you scattered and going in multiple directions? Is everything staying focused? Are you becoming too involved in focusing on others and their accomplishments and not yourself and your own?" (Tornado time?). Spider maintains balance and walks on silken threads with ease. To walk the threads of life and maintain balance has been one of the mysteries throughout the ages. Next time grandmother comes to your bathroom window -- say Hello.

You will notice that in the stone reading that there is reference to "us", "our" and "we". The reason for this is that when you wear your pendant you will benefit from the energy and anyone that you come in contact with will also benefit from your higher vibration and the combined energy that you give off.

This pendant has been created for you, and has been energized with love, light and healing. It has been connected to the heartbeat of the earth and the vibrations of all the stones on the planet. To draw on the energy of this pendant just hold it in your left hand (you might feel a small tingling in your hand), close your eyes and breath deeply allowing light to fill your hand and go up your arm, enter and fill your body. Enjoy the pendant and use it well!

Blessed Be,

Lora Miller
Vibrational Intuitive
Beadazzle Jewelry

*Note: This pendant and above information are intuitive and should be used with discrimination to determine what is true for you. This pendant and above information should not take the place of a physician's care.

Stone Wisdom is information to you from the stone/earth community. This information does not mean that you need to be working with any one of these specific stones. This is information for your reading only. If you wish to receive more information about any of these stones, or wish to purchase any of these stones at any time, please feel free to contact Beadazzle.


  • Premade Vibrational...

    Vibrational jewelry is our specialty and our passion.  Our Premade Vibrational Jewelry comes from several sources in sealed crystal vials, or made by Beadazzle and placed in sacred leather pouches.  We also make custom jewelry items with gemstones matched to your energetic needs.  To arrange a custom item see the Intuitive Readings.

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