Witches Brew Votive


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Witches Brew votive candle is a dark, spiritual blend of pure essential oils used to power up magick rituals.  Frankinsence, Myrrh and Mugwort strengthen the spirit and enlighten the soul to energize and empower any witch's spell craft.

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Made by Coventry Creations, another real "witch product", these spell votives are great to add a burst of energy to your spell or ritual work, or to add ambient energy and aroma to a room.  We use these candles in our own rituals so we can attest to their pleasant scent and fine energy.

Light the candle and repeat the spell:

By Water, Earth, Fire and Air,
this spell be strong, my intention fair.
By the Lady and the Lord
in sacred space, my magic is poured.
Brew, brew, my power grow
on a witches prayer my power flow.

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