About us

Beadazzle is a family business run by the owner Lora Miller and her husband Allan Miller.

Lora was born with what some people might call a gift, but which she just considered natural, and one her parents nurtured.  After a life changing accident , and failed surgical attempts to repair it made it worse, it became apparent that her chosen carrier was at an end.  Although each surgery only aggravated her physical symptoms, her gift seemed to keep getting stronger and stronger.  It was during this time between surgeries, Lora started making jewelry from her bed to help her from going crazy.  It was this hobby that started it all.  Soon it became apparent that she had a gift for making jewelry as well, so she started Beadazzle Jewelry.  As her gift strengthened, it awakened other talents and gifts in her.  She began to desire the company of others who could help her to understand these new found gifts . . . .

Allan was raised with an open mind as special talents run in the women of my family strongly as well.  It was no surprise when Lora and I found each other and got married, along with Lora's life changing accident my life was to be changed forever as well.  I have always been sensitive to things in nature.  As a kid, I could see and hear things better than anyone else I knew. I have always seen the inner energy shimmer (the aura closest to the body) that surrounds all living things; (I just figured that everyone could!).  I also have a talent for noticing animals.  It seems when ever any type of animal is around, I feel its presence and no matter what I'm doing, my eyes are drawn to them. What's most exciting to me is that most of the time I find their eyes are locked with mine. All these things I just considered to be natural for me.  With the growth of Lora's talent, came a growth in my talent as well.  I became aware that I could feel the vibrations of things; stones, crystals, earth, animals and peoples energies.  I found I had a strong gift for healing.  So I started seeking help and guidance with my gifts as well . . . .

Together we sought and received guidance. Now together we do a lot of intense work with Shamanic studies, professional intuitiveness, spiritual awakening and spiritual guidance for others.  Through our studies we have found ways of connecting and listening to the Earth and her gifts, as well as our guides.  To this end we create vibrational jewelry.  Jewelry that is one of a kind, made for it's wearer.  We have made jewelry for people we have never met with just a name and have astounded them by making pendants that address that persons deep rooted issues exactly.   It is quite interesting knowing a person by the information given to us by our guides while crafting their pendant, and then actually meeting them afterwards!

We energize all the items we sell with our unique blend of love, light and healing energies as our gift to you.  Our vibrational jewelry comes with information about the piece as well as how to use it.  We also enjoy creating more formal, conventional jewelry with 14K gold and sterling silver settings and gemstones, but our first love is our vibrational jewelry.

About Beadazzle.com

Beadazzle is a web store business that also does some local craft shows, fairs, and festivals. We have a loyal customer base in our geographic area, as well as an international following of customers.  The website Beadazzle.com was created in 2000 to help support Lora's new jewelry business.  Like its owners, Beadazzle.com has grown to over 40 pages of unique hand crafted content.  I've been working hard to capture the information contained in the old (frontpage) website and place it into this new modern engine; a process that will take me some time to finish.  At the same time I'm working to digitize all of our product offerings and make them available via the web so we can cut back on the craft shows at some future date and still offer our local clients our full product offerings.  Come back often and watch our site grow as a finish things up in the coming months!