Secure payment

All transactions with that involve your customer or credit card information are secured with an SSL connection (https) using a Digicert digital certificate.  Digicert is the only five star rated certificate authority on the internet.

DigiCert converts your data into virtually impenetrable code using data encryption up to 256 bits. Our certificates also use the most secure encryption available and support both SHA-1 and SHA-2 algorithms. DigiCert upholds the highest standard for key sizes and a hybrid cryptosystem that utilizes the best of both asymmetric and symmetric encryption. The security of your customer and credit card information is our highest priority.

Using Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express


The payment gateway that processes our credit cards is Stripe,  When you make a purchase from your browser session is encrypted via SSL so no one but you can see what is transpiring.  When your ready to finish your purchase and you click check out on cart a secure tunnel is created between our server at Beadazzle and the Stripe Gateway servers which relays your credit card information directly to Stripe.  Your information is encrypted and secure on their servers.  We do not save your credit card information on our servers.

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