Common questions and our answers. 

Maybe we can answer you questions here and now rather than a day later.

Q:    What is a Vibrational Reading?

A:    There are two different types of Vibrational Readings, both of which can be purchased with or without a Pendant.  A Pendant Vibrational Reading is a special reading of your bodies unique vibrations specifically looking for imbalances that may be causing physical and emotional problems; which can then be guided back into balance with assistance.  Lora does these readings by going into a meditative state and attuning herself to your vibrational frequency.  She then listens to which stones, and sometimes oils, and stone-essences are needed to guide your body back into its normal harmonic vibratory state.  An Intuitive Reading is a much more in depth reading of your vibrational state.  This type of reading may sometimes include a remote reading of your aura.  The same procedure is used for a pendant reading, but it involves going into a deeper meditative state for a longer period of time, sometimes lasting for several hours at a time over a few days. This deeper information, (which is frequently a startlingly accurate "jolt" of very meaningful and personal guidance) is filled with things that your guides and higher self believe you really need to "hear".  These readings include pages and pages of information for a person to go over afterwards.  Either type reading can be used to create a custom Vibrational Pendant.  Still confused?  Try reading more on vibrations in our vibrational jewelry section.

Q:    How do I order a Vibrational Reading?

A:    Start the process by contacting Lora via email or give us a call at 860-690-2969 (during our normal hours of 10:30am - 5pm Eastern US time zone M-F please!).  She can start a Reading over the phone, or simply with just a name that you email us.   An Intuitive Reading costs $120; the reading will be emailed to you, and a paper copy US Mailed to you.  To go with your Reading, we can create a custom designed Vibrational Pendant to match the reading; most custom pendants run around $30 - $45 or in rare cases a little more depending on how many, what kinds of stones are needed or if any stone-essences are indicated.

Q:    How do I pay for a Reading?

A:    You can click on the blue links on the Vibrational Readings section to be taken to our secure order area where you will provide the basics and your credit card information and Lora will get back to you by email or phone within a day or so to schedule the reading at a time/date which is mutually agreed upon.  Or you can just contact us via email or via phone to get things started.

Q:    How long does it take to get a Custom Vibrational Pendant made?

A:    It can take anywhere from two weeks to a month or more to create a custom vial depending on what stones are needed; how rare they are and if they are in stock.  Generally we can narrow down the time it takes once we know what it is we are creating!

Q:    Do you ship outside of the United States?

A:    Yes!  We love our international friends, but with certain restrictions depending on the import laws of the country you live in.  For instance, Australia does not allow the import of bird feathers so our smudge fans made from bird feathers could not be shipped to someone in this country.  Be advised that US export laws require us to declare the contents, and approximate value of a package which we send out of the country.  This declaration may trigger an import tax in your country which will need to be paid by you over and above the cost of goods sold.  If possible, all goods over $50 in value will be shipped via insured mail. Sometimes the shipping fees are not calculated correctly for overseas shipping.  We will email you the difference in shipping to your country for your approval before we add to your credit card bill.  We've had difficulties shipping to some countries that are experiencing high incidents of mail theft or credit card fraud and in the end whether we will be willing or able to ship things safely to your country will be at the discretion of Beadazzle.  If we cannot ship the product ordered we will provide you with a full refund.

Q:  How much do you charge for shipping?

A:    That question is almost un-answerable without knowing what we are shipping and to where.  Generally speaking most small weight or lower cost shipments inside of the continental US, use standard USPS fees based on the weight/value/box size of your order.  Unlike some stores, we do not treat shipping and handling as a profit center.  For out of the country shipments our system sometimes makes mistakes.  If shipping costs end up being higher than our system reports due to the weight or large insurance value of a package, we will contact you to tell you the difference and if you approve we will then only bill you only what it costs us to send the package to you (rounded up to the nearest dollar).It is simply how we do business.
Q:    What is your return policy for items purchased?

A:    Check out the Returns and Exchanges page.

Q:    What can I do if my jewelry purchase breaks?

A:    Depending on how long you have owned it for we may repair or replace it at no charge to you, with the possible exception of any shipping costs incurred.  Contact us and we will work with you.  We want your experience with Beadazzle to be a good one.  We really mean it when we say our customers become our friends!