Moldavite Designer WW
  • Moldavite Designer WW

Moldavite Designer WW


($425.00 each)

5.1 grams of A++ grade Moldavite Designer Wire Wrap by Lora Miller for Beadazzle.  It is wrapped in 14K Gold Filled wire.

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5.1 grams of A++ grade Moldavite wrapped in 14K Gold Filled wire by Lora Miller for Beadazzle.  At $425 this is a great price that will not be repeated.

Moldavite, also called the Heaven Stone, and the Holy Grail Stone, is found in and around the Czech Republic.  The origin of the stone is believed to have been giant meteorite strike around 14.7 million years ago creating the Moldavite in the form of projectile splatters of glassy material that was melted by the impact.  This one is a deep olive green.

Moldavite has many metaphysical properties but is most known for its extremely high vibrational frequency.  We use it in meditation to contact higher realms, higher beings, and when working with high frequency universal healing energies.  Watch out. We have found from experience that because of this extremely high vibration state, that Moldavite has a tendency to disappear at a time of its own choosing.  It may then reappear after a long absence, in plain sight, or sometimes vanish never to be seen again.

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