Smudge Set


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Our Smudge Set comes complete with a natural Pheasant Wing, an Abalone Shell, and a starter bag of loose White Sage.

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Using Sage to Smudge Away

Negative Vibrations 

Smudging is the burning of certain herbs to create a cleansing smoke bath, which is used to purify people, ceremonial and ritual space, and ceremonial tools and objects. Many different cultures and peoples have their own methods and herbal mixtures for this purpose. Native American Indians use a variety of smudging mixtures in this way. The principle herbs used are sage, cedar or juniper, lavender and sweet grass. Pure tobacco is also used by some Plains tribes, and copal, palo santo (holy wood), and agar woods in South and Central America.

The herbs are burnt on their own or in mixtures, depending on tradition and required effect. The herb Sage is indigenous to the Americas. It is used as a cleansing and purifying agent, the effect of the smoke is to banish negative energies. The powerful cleansing vibration it emits when burned, is used to purify the subtle energies of one's aura, as well as personal and ceremonial space or healing and ceremonial tools, such as pipes and crystals.

The Sage is generally burned inside of a small container or shell when burning loose Sage leaves.  Light the sage, let it burn a moment to get going, then blow out the flames.  The desired effect is to have the Sage smoldering heavily without flames.  Sometimes while you are cleansing a space, person, or tool, the Sage will go out.  Do not worry, just re-light the Sage and continue on.  Thickly negative places, people, or tools can extinguish Sage several times before the area is cleansed.  In some rare instances you may experience a spontaneous Sage flare up.  This can be a sign of something powerfully negative holding on.  Be persistent working the problem area until things feel better.   

When cleansing a tool you just pass it through the smoke with your intension set to purge any and all negative energies from the tool.  If you are cleansing a space you can walk around the area with the burning Sage with the intent of cleansing the area of any negative vibrations.  If the space is enclosed; such as a room or a house, it is best to crack an outside door or window to give the negative energy a place to exit.

When Smudging a person we feel it best to start at ones feet facing the person and work upward.  The person being smudged should stand tall with their arms parallel to the ground.  Blow the Sage at the person using a smudge fan or feather in one hand, and the shell or container with the smoldering Sage in the other.   Your intension should be to cleanse and purify; removing all negativity.  Starting at the feet move up the body, go under each arm, and then the head area and ask the person to turn around.  Do the same with the back side of the person and when completed, ask them to turn around and touch the feather to the cleansed persons heart and say "You are now free of any negative vibrations."  Some traditions have you start with the back side of a person and work forward.  Do what feels best for you.

It is amazing the change in the energy field of a place, person, or tool after it has been cleansed with Sage.

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