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Ametrine Tumbled

Want to wear your Ametrine Tumbled Stone?  Turn it into a Designer Wire Wrap by double clicking the product name or click view to expose the pull down menu to choose the type of wire and we will wrap your stone with it.  No two are ever exactly the same!

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Stone Metaphysical Properties

Ametrine - Technically I'm in the Quartz family, containing both Amethyst and Citrine in the same crystal. Discovered in Bolivia in the 1980's, I'm usually cut in a way that creates unusual and striking color effects. My colors vary from yellow orange to purple, typically in bands.  My hardness is 7 and my luster is vitreous. Like all quartz I'm piezoelectric, which means under pressure I release an electric charge.

I’m good for long standing illness as I can give one insight as to cause of illness.  I can clear stress and tension from the head, calming mind and bringing greater focus to meditation.  I enhance compatibility and acceptance of others promoting optimism and well-being.

I have been discovered to help release allergies and sensitivities. I can help you to let go of the emotional attachment to unhelpful cravings. I combine intuition and spirit with everyday life unifying self-will and divine will.

My Affirmation – I align my thoughts and will to the Divine pattern of my spiritual purpose.

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