Apatite Tumbled


Want to wear your Apatite Tumbled Stone?  Turn it into a Designer Wire Wrap by double clicking the product name or click view to expose the pull down menu to choose the type of wire and we will wrap your stone with it.  No two are ever exactly the same!

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Stone Metaphysical Properties

Apatite - Technically I come from a group of phosphate minerals which includes hydroxyl-apatite, flour-apatite and chlor-apatite.  I'm often processed down into my base components to extract my phosphorus for plant fertilizers.  I’m born in many areas of the world including the US, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, India and other locations.  I'm considered a rather common stone and have a hardness of 5.  I come in many different colors such as blue green, leek green, deep purple, violet and reddish.  When I'm heat treated I'm called Moroxite and have a nice blue shade.  Normally opaque my translucent gemstone quality crystals are very rare.  My Greek root name means ‘cheat’ and was given to me for my close resemblance to other more rare stones.

I’m a stone of manifestation and enjoy making you better at whatever you do.  Let me help you grow to your fullest potential.  I can stimulate psychic gifts, deepen meditation and aid in self-expression.  At my core I aid in the absorption of calcium and can assist people dealing with bone and teeth problems.  I increase motivation and facilitate growth in all things.

My Affirmation – I will grow to my fullest potential.